Melt your Heart

But if you had the words
You seem unable to find
If you had the freedom
You needed to walk your lips to mine
Would that save us any time?

While I’m digging for your lines
Seeking your intentions, hoping to find
The blue print to our design
I saw you string this bind
Still, would that bring me peace of mind?

When you’re looking into eyes
Peering back from mine
Mirrors show what’s ruling the mind
That’s but a moment in time
Where your eyes gaze outside these lines
I do not know nor would I dare try to find

I’ll hang heavy on to words
Trust sweetly in secret spaces
They belong to us, our pasts erase
Like leaves falling onto the ground for tastes
Of touch to make chaste, the forbidden
I’ll fall heavy into you
Trusting arms tucked in sleeves still hidden
For now

Who? The antagonist.
What? Tries to poke holes in your shirt.
When? Just one week into putting it on.
Where? Left shirt pocket.
Why? Checks and balances? Someone’s gotta keep it real.

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