Tell Me A Story

Egg shells need keeping
Looking after for, not for those still sleeping
Through life that needs believing in
Yet you spill yolks for being keen on warm hands
That can’t discern from fast folks
and end up being had.

I have to be honest
My sash has been torn from my chest
My eyes close more than I’d like them to
My heart stops when I wish it would brew
Love into places that I need it to
The truth is my past haunts me through
Your half founded light
And I wish it could
See me and you
But it falters to
Keeps turning off revealing shades of you
I wish I’d never seen.

I’ll give myself to these linen walls
Wait once more for unreliable calls
I expected nothing much
Nothing at all
But for kindness to revere
Kindness to keep
I hope for nothing more
Than a good night’s sleep.

Who? Lola
What? Chooses bourbon over tea.
When? Bedtime is past an option.
Where? Watering holes.
Why? Everyone else was asleep.

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