Sharing is Caring

You come inside
Ready or not
Did I say I was like you?
Can you read all of my thoughts?

I’m sure you try
Your body seems kind
Enough to take mine
Into consideration

Still you come inside
Ready or not
I’ve found myself in another web, caught
You don’t have to read my thoughts
I’ll share them if you ask me to
Just hear me speak, I am like you

You wouldn’t have to read my mind
If only you wanted
30 days of feeling haunted
You’ve made your way inside
Chivalry has passed and now I watch the time

Admittedly I was wide open
Gave you the chance to protect this heart when
Instead you seized a taste for a second
for a short-lived hazy, quick, moment to reckon

Was forever written in the cards?
That might be now but this is then
Can we go back to asking
Who, what, why, & when?
I think I needed a little more time
But that was our now and I’m stuck in my then.

Who? Women
What? Contemplate a plan b.
When? They fall victim to past experiences and lose their voice.
Where? Somewhere alone of course.
Why? Society has made it difficult for effective and confident lines of communication to exist between one another.

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